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Clare Delmar

Director, The Focal Therapy Clinic

Men benefit from objective information about the sexual, urinary and mental health implications of each prostate cancer treatment option.

Most men who come to our clinic are anxiously seeking a second opinion following a diagnosis and treatment recommendation for localised prostate cancer which is likely to significantly impact their quality of life. Our primary focus is to ensure men have the information they need to make an optimal decision on treatment. 

PSA testing and precision diagnosis 

Early detection is key to curative and non-invasive treatment, and men should get a regular PSA test from the age of 50. Prostate cancer is often symptomless and regular testing gives a baseline against which to measure changes.

If the PSA rises significantly, an imaging technique called mpMRI will enable your doctor to determine if the rise is due to prostate cancer on the gland or something else, such as inflammation. The images will show the exact location and size of any suspicious areas on the prostate, providing a precise map for a biopsy if required.

Knowing the precise characteristics of suspicious areas means that a diagnosis is definitive. If a biopsy determines that an area is cancerous and confined to the gland, targeted treatment options are available — which do not compromise sexual or urinary function.

HIFU uses ultrasound to treat cancerous lesions, and NanoKnife uses electric current.

Treatment without worrying side effects 

A diagnostic map is the backbone of targeted prostate cancer treatments called focal therapy. Focal therapies are non-invasive procedures — hey have minimal impact on sexual or urinary functions. Often described as the ‘male lumpectomy,’ focal therapy removes the cancerous tissue but retains the prostate gland itself. They allow men to recover quickly and to get back to normal life. 

The Focal Therapy Clinic offers men with localised prostate cancer targeted focal therapies using energy sources best suited to their clinical diagnosis. HIFU uses ultrasound and NanoKnife uses electric current to eliminate cancerous lesions within the prostate gland. Evidence and detailed information on each approach can be found on our website.

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