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TCM Expert Lily Li Hua

Founder, GinSen

Women looking to, or struggling to, conceive can benefit from Chinese medicine as a natural way to enhance fertility treatment.

Chinese medicine works by getting to the root cause of fertility struggles, offering a holistic approach based on a person’s energy being in balance — known as yin and yang. “When these energies are in balance, a person has a better chance of conceiving,” explains TCM Expert Lily Li Hua, founder of GinSen, which incorporates Chinese holistic medicine into natural treatments for women trying to conceive. “However, if there is an imbalance between yin and yang, it can lead to fertility problems.”

Natural fertility medicine promotes balance

Yin energy is more to do with hormone balance and nutrition. Yang is essential to warming the uterus to promote blood circulation. When seeing patients — many of whom are over 40 and who have had trouble conceiving or with multiple miscarriages — TCM Expert Li Hua investigates the root causes leading to the quality and quantity of eggs produced.

“I often see patients with low energy levels, stress and unhealthy lifestyles, which means the body is using up too much energy. When energy is low, it affects egg quality,” she says. Environmental factors such as pesticides, plastics and toxic air are also highly detrimental as they cause hormone imbalance, often manifesting in poor blood circulation, cold feet and tiredness. Any irregularity in temperature can affect egg quality and uterine lining.

Patients that stick rigorously to their diet and
herbal medicine feel more confident and healthier.

Treatments lead to improved fertility

A total of 70% of people who undertake the treatments, which include herbal supplements and lifestyle advice, will see improved egg quality within a few months. “For example, one woman — who had recurrently miscarried — did acupuncture, herbal medicine and holistic treatments to improve her hormone balance and circulation for three months. She got pregnant and successfully carried the baby,” she explains.

Countless other cases are cited by TCM Expert Li Hua, including women in their mid-40s conceiving naturally after a few months of treatment. “The great thing is there are no side effects,” she concludes. “Patients that stick rigorously to their diet and herbal medicine feel more confident and healthier, giving themselves the best possible chance of conceiving.”

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