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Matt Gauler

CoCEO, Alertive

Phil Holland

CIO, The Princess Alexandra NHS Trust

In 2023, the NHS’s significant investments in IT infrastructure reflect a commitment to fortify the future of healthcare and access to patient data despite challenges such as staffing shortages and budget constraints.

Although improvements in clinical communication have not been a core focus this year, there
are at least three reasons that NHS Trusts should start upgrading these systems. This change will help them support an increasingly stretched workforce.

Digital platform improving hospital productivity

Tackling communication bottlenecks within hospitals is Alertive, a leading software provider offering an accredited digital platform for secure and compliant communication. It facilitates seamless, real-time communication between healthcare teams and clinicians.

According to CIO of The Princess Alexandra NHS Trust, Phil Holland, essential areas of improvement were identified with communication. The co-development of role functionality with Alertive allows users to immediately contact the right person, first time.

Improving emergency response

Current pager systems, still used by many NHS Trusts, do not provide rapid response and feedback. With minimal information being exchanged, it is impossible to relay the type — or priority — of help required. Holland cites a 40% reduction in non-attendance for non-urgent alerts and a 20% decrease in response time when clinicians seek support. The move towards a digital solution for critical care teams has proven revolutionary — marking a shift in managing hospital communication.

The move towards a digital solution for critical
care teams has proven revolutionary — marking
a shift in managing hospital communication.

Ensuring compliance and safety

The prevalence of consumer messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, within the NHS poses serious clinical safety concerns. Matt Gauler, Alertive Co-CEO, emphasises that their platform addresses these issues across their NHS customers. With a user base of over 30,000 healthcare professionals utilising their app, it eliminates the risk of fines for misuse and the impact of system outages on the continuity of care.

As the digital agenda develops a data-centric healthcare system, the amount of information will explode. How healthcare teams access and share this information is an increasing challenge. The inevitable application of more AI in healthcare to manage this information will become a focus. Gauler underscores the importance of encouraging the continued integration of AI in healthcare, provided that robust governance will safeguard its application and impact on patient care.

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