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Rehabilitation 2019

Working together to change the lives of patients

Different health service providers are working together to transform the lives of patients with acquired brain injuries and progressive neurological conditions. Michelle Montrose knows the power of collaborative working in rehabilitative care settings. When different clinicians and therapists pull together, she says, it can transform patients’ lives. Montrose is the Registered Manager at Priory Oak … Continued
Rehabilitation 2019

Prescribing exercise – the crucial healthcare tool

The cost of physical activity to the UK is £7.4 billion and, in the time it takes Usain Bolt to run 100m, the NHS has spent £10k on treating preventable chronic diseases. These hard hitting stats can be counteracted by exercise; so, how we can encourage people to move more? Exercise has many benefits: it … Continued
Rehabilitation 2019

Rehabilitation from the inside

Can electrical nerve stimulation help the long-term reduction of muscle tone and movement disorders? An amazing suit has been designed to offer just that. Progress in the field of electrical nerve stimulation has already enhanced the lives of numerous adults and children, with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, brain or spinal cord injury, stroke … Continued