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Michel van Harten

CEO, myTomorrows

An online platform is making the clinical trial search easier for patients seeking treatments and pharmaceutical companies that need the right patients to conduct them.

Michel van Harten is trained both in economics and as a physician, giving him a sharp perspective on both the patient and business side of healthcare provision. As CEO of myTomorrows, he is at the helm of a healthtech enterprise that matches patients with unmet medical needs to treatments in development.

Developing a clinical trial search platform

Van Harten explains: “The business was launched 10 years ago with a belief that every person living with a serious disease deserves easy access to treatment. To do this, we built a powerful treatment search platform, which connects patients, physicians and BioPharma.” In the past six months, myTomorrows have further invested in their search functionality, launching a physician-focused AI search tool, aiming to transform the search for clinical trials.

Unbiased AI matching patients with trials

Newly released TrialSearch AI can reduce pre-screening checking time for physicians by 90%. Van Harten says: “Our tool matches a patient’s profile to an option within minutes. With the help of large language models, we reduce physician searching time by quickly identifying a suitable and actionable list of options.”

Possible treatments for patients may include clinical trials or, when necessary, expanded access programmes. “Our process is unbiased, so we have no particular trial we are pushing patients towards,” he adds. Patient support is top of the priority list, with a team of dedicated patient navigators to help families through every step.

Our medical community team proactively
supports physician and patient communities
within specific disease areas.

Unique omni-stakeholder approach

All services for patients and physicians are free, however, there are fees for BioPharma services. Van Harten explains: “We provide patient screening for clinical trials, end-to-end expanded access management and real-world data collection, analysis and consultancy. Our teams are experts in assisting companies with regulatory, compliance and supply chain processes as well as supporting with data analysis, which can help at the drug approval stage.”

Community outreach to drive awareness

With 80% of clinical trials failing to reach enrolment targets globally, van Harten says that greater awareness is needed. “That’s why our medical community team proactively supports physician and patient communities within specific disease areas; for example, there is a significant brain cancer medical community in the UK, and we’re helping to link treating physicians with our platform, to drive awareness about relevant treatment options for patients with this challenging disease.”

With the imperative to leverage tech to help patients discover and access treatments, myTomorrows continues to be ahead of the industry curve.

Physicians can get started here:

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