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Neuroblastoma – biggest cancer threat to the under fives

Lilly has Neuroblastoma
Lilly has Neuroblastoma

Lilly was just six weeks old when her parents received the devastating news that she had a rare and aggressive childhood cancer – neuroblastoma. 

The enormous price tag on specialist treatment

It’s the biggest cause of death from cancer amongst the under fives. Lilly’s parents watched as their tiny child underwent chemotherapy and surgery but still the disease wasn’t beaten.

Lilly’s cancer had relapsed, meaning her chances of surviving were now very small. Her doctors advised that her best hope lay in the US where pioneering treatment was available but at a cost of £500,000. The price-tag was way beyond what the family could afford. When they discovered childhood cancer charity the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance UK (NCCA UK) everything changed. The charity ran a successful appeal and through the generosity of donors, many of whom they’d never met, Lilly’s parents were able to fly her to the US for a cutting edge clinical trial. Today her tumours are gone and she is happy and healthy.

“The NCCA UK offered us hope when we thought all hope was gone”, say Lilly’s parents.  “We can’t thank them enough.”

Continues support is vital

The NCCA UK continues to support Lilly – funding the regular follow up scans she needs in the US to ensure she stays cancer free. The NCCA UK is a small charity, dedicated to helping families affected by neuroblastoma. When they feel isolated and alone, we provide parents with vital information and put them in touch with families who understand their experiences.

We are tirelessly committed to finding a cure for the disease by working internationally to fund research and get the most promising treatments available here in the UK. Only 3p of every £1 that supports cancer research in the UK goes towards clinical research for children.   With your help we CAN beat neuroblastoma.  We desperately need your donation to provide new treatments and new hope for children like Lilly. To donate to Lilly’s Journey visit:

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