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Home » Sleep » Science-based supplement helps perimenopausal women get better sleep

Dr Paul Clayton

Clinical Pharmacologist and pharmaco-nutritionist

Lucy Goff

Founder, LYMA

Getting a good night’s sleep is often an all too elusive prospect for perimenopausal women. But now, a ground-breaking supplement offers a possible solution.

For many women going through perimenopause and menopause, uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats are often to blame when it comes to disrupted sleep. But fluctuating hormones are perhaps the biggest culprit of all and can negatively impact a number of things, including sleep.  

Launched in 2018, the LYMA Supplement was designed to help people of all genders and ages but seems to have gained something of a following among perimenopausal women seeking to get a good night’s sleep. In fact, the London-based company producing the supplement has found that the majority of its worldwide customers are women who have found it helped with their perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms.  

Evidence-based supplement 

Claiming to improve sleep, reduce stress, boost focus and immunity — and even promote better skin, hair and nail health — the LYMA Supplement’s 10 evidence-based ingredients have all been rigorously tested, validated and engineered to increase antibodies, reduce inflammation, improve the number of cells in the brain’s membrane to aid with focus and enhance the quality of sleep. 

“So many people suffer unnecessarily. If you can’t sleep, you’re stressed, have low immunity, a lack of focus, if it’s menopausal symptoms or you feel life is proving too much — that’s where the supplement can help,” says Lucy Goff, founder and CEO.  

Maximising ingredients and dosage 

After a near-death episode following the birth of her daughter where she contracted septicaemia, Goff sought out help to return her body to optimal health. A chance meeting with Dr Paul Clayton, now LYMA’s Director of Science and a world authority on preventative degenerative disease, would result in the creation of the supplement.  

“We started from scratch with a blank piece of paper,” she says. “We didn’t look to benchmark it against existing products because the supplements industry is unregulated. Essentially, you can include any crushed herb and claim that it does whatever you want it to. 

These extracts make stressors, pains, anxieties and life in general much easier to deal with.

“We ensured that we were dosing correctly, meaning at the levels proven effective, unlike other companies who use minuscule doses that don’t have any benefits for the consumer.” 

Pharmacologist Clayton says: “The supplement is unlike any other on the market because it only contains patented extracts that have been through rigorous testing and are rooted in evidence-based nutrition. 

“These extracts make stressors, pains, anxieties and life in general much easier to deal with, and that has a direct bearing on many menopausal symptoms, both psychological and emotional.” 

Positive feedback 

Clayton has received first-hand thanks from women who have benefited from the supplement. “I was giving a lecture in Norway, and a woman in the audience stormed the podium and threw her arms around me saying I had saved her life,” he says. 

Goff concludes: “We like to think of ourselves as the Apple of wellness. Just like a new phone gets a software update each year, our product will evolve as science evolves; and as new ingredients come to the fore, we will update the formula.” 

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