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Women's Healthcare Q3 2022

Empowering women to break the menopause taboo

Image provided by Primary Care Women's Health Forum

Dr Anne Connolly MBE

Chair, Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF)

More than 50% of the world’s population will go through menopause. Yet there is a lack of understanding around identifying symptoms and talking about their impact. The stigma remains.

From couched conversations around ‘The Change’ to embarrassment discussing symptoms and the struggles to manage, people experiencing menopause or perimenopause have often hidden away. But change is coming.

Health for women

The Government’s recent Women’s Health Strategy for England saw over a third of respondents request menopause to be includedi. Responses highlighted that menopause is a taboo subject that cannot be talked about openly, and this impacts symptom management — often meaning that people do not get the support they want and need.

Media coverage of menopause has also picked up momentum, with Davina McCall’s exploration of the effect of menopausal symptoms and the BBC Breakfast ‘Wake up to the Menopause week,’ where our own campaign — Rock My Menopause — launched.

This mainstream menopause focus is going some way to break the taboo and normalise conversations, but action also starts at home.

Play your part, however big or small, in breaking the taboo. 

Menopause champions

At Rock My Menopause, we proudly encourage our community to be a #Menovist. We stand up for those experiencing menopause, openly encourage and engage in menopause conversations and play a part in stamping out the taboo.

This is intended to normalise conversations and spread the message that menopause is something that happens and can be talked about openly.

Start today

It’s easy to become a Menovist. It starts with a single conversation. Take the step today, ask a question, share your experience and open up a discussion. Play your part, however big or small, in breaking the taboo.

If you’re not scared to say the ‘M’ word and want to bring menopause and perimenopause into the wider society, then you’re a #Menovist. Wear your badge with pride.

Building a community of informed and empowered people — whether that’s friends, family or employers — to champion menopause and support those experiencing it is the best way to break the taboo. It allows people to feel more comfortable speaking up and can also help others understand their symptoms and get the support they need.

Rock My Menopause is a campaign of the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF), a group of 10,000 healthcare professionals with a special interest in women’s health.

@RockMyMenopause | #RockMyMenopause | #Menovist

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