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Aggy York

GP and Former sufferer of bladder leaks

It’s important for women to realise that while bladder leakage isn’t uncommon, they shouldn’t have to put up with it.

The NHS estimates between three and six million women suffer from bladder leakage in the UK. But the actual number is likely to be much higher, as Dr Dawn Harper points out, “Those are just the cases we know about.”  

Bladder leakage as a taboo 

Research conducted at Contrelle Activgard found that 66% of women affected are too embarrassed to kickstart a conversation, and only 28% would mention their suffering to their partner. Contributing to the issue is the media’s reluctance to speak about leakage, perhaps viewing it as an old person’s issue. This couldn’t be more wrong.  

Affecting women from their 30s  

Sufferers are active women who are experiencing a condition which is detrimental to them living their lives to the fullest. The research highlights that leakage is most likely triggered by everyday activities such as sneezing, coughing, laughing and exercise. This results in many women constantly being concerned about leaking. 

As Natalie Silverman, 44, a former sufferer explains, “It just made me feel quite sad. I wanted to play with my son, chase him, jump on the trampoline, and I always had to say I couldn’t.”  

66% of women affected are too embarrassed to kickstart a conversation.

This is something I identify with as a former sufferer. I remember just breaking down and crying. It was soul-destroying because I knew I was doing everything I should be doing, yet it wasn’t having any impact.  

Although he would always advocate for sufferers to follow the NHS recommendations, Ash Monga, Consultant Gynaecologist at University Hospital Southampton, explains “Unfortunately, losing weight, reducing caffeine and pelvic floor exercises aren’t the answer for everyone, and many women don’t want to consider surgery.”  

A new solution 

One new option in the UK market, which I have found success with, is Contrelle Activgard.  

It is a U-shaped piece of soft, body-compatible foam, which is easily inserted into the vagina using a reusable applicator. Once in place, it works by gently supporting the neck of your bladder and urethra so that the bladder is in the correct position to stop leaks immediately. Women can use the device independently, and it can be bought directly. Trials demonstrate that in two out of three cases, women are completely dry when the device is in place.

For me, personally, Contrelle has been a revelation. I’m not only keen to pass on news about the solution I’ve found but also to get everyone to speak openly about the issue. 

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