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Tina Backhouse

Country Manager – UK Women’s Health, Theramex

Despite the press and attention menopause is gaining, there is still so much work to be done.  

Country Manager for UK Women’s Health at Theramex, Tina Backhouse understands that everyone has a responsibility to improve the experience of menopausal women. From healthcare professionals and organisations to pharmaceutical companies, the Government and women themselves.

She says, “We’re finally starting to see momentum in the menopause conversation, thanks to this huge collaborative effort. The challenge now is to continue to invest in education, for both women and healthcare professionals, to drive genuine improvement in the experience of menopausal women.”

The challenge now is to continue to invest in education, for both women and healthcare professionals.

It’s why Backhouse and her team at Theramex have worked together with menopause experts to develop their own resources, both for GPs and members of the public to access and gain further information, while also working with leading specialists in women’s health to start a menopause mentorship programme for healthcare professionals later this year.

She says, “We are investing in educational resources and partnerships to improve understanding of menopause because the pharmaceutical industry has to be committed to education, in whatever form that looks like, that is accessible to all.”

Addressing disparities in access

Still, Backhouse is aware that there are huge disparities in menopause funding and services, often dependent on geographical location. She says, “It’s a huge issue that where you live can determine whether or not you have the access to newer types of treatment, including HRT. There’s a distinct difference in terms of prescribing across the UK, which more politicians need to be prioritising. Public Health England and the NHS are working hard to address these inequalities, but we all need to move quicker.”

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