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Arthritis and You 2019

“I concentrate on staying active”

Jennifer Devonshire, 32

Member of Arthritis Action with Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have found my local rheumatology department only really have time and capacity to treat the disease and not its effects on my body, so self-management is vital for me.

I concentrate on staying active, doing focused exercises recommended by my physiotherapist and podiatrist, as well as swimming, which moves my whole body while supporting the joints.

I also take supplements such a vitamin D, calcium, and omega 3 oils to help bones and joints as well as overall health. I try to stay tuned in to how my diet affects my pain levels and eat anti-inflammatory foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, rather than too much processed food.

Arthritis Action’s new online resource, created by experts, that has information in one place with exercise, diet, complementary therapy and other suggestions, gives me the confidence to try things that I know will not cause further damage and will help me live a better life.

More information

Arthritis Action recently launched the UK’s first online self-management resource, consisting of 20 videos by health experts, covering the main aspects of living with arthritis, including the ones mentioned above. The resource can be found at

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