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Arthritis and You 2020

Why pain is important

Pain from musculoskeletal conditions like back pain affects millions of people in the UK. It can be life changing. What can be done? There is a vast range of musculoskeletal conditions (like back pain and arthritis) and one thing they have in common is pain. People with these conditions often say that it is the … Continued
Arthritis and You 2020

How is machine learning changing the practice of rheumatology?

Recent advances in big data and machine learning have led to promising developments in the field of rheumatology, including earlier diagnosis, more accurate predictions on likely response to therapy, and accelerated drug development pipelines. Big data and computational algorithms are becoming more advanced, and recent developments in rheumatology have been particularly exciting. High throughput technologies … Continued
Bones and joints

Preventing metabolic bone disease and related fractures

People can increase their chances of maintaining strong bones over their lifetime by exercising regularly and avoiding being underweight, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.