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Jelena Spyropoulos, PhD

Executive Director Sales and Strategy, Medscape Education

Education platforms that disseminate the latest advances in cardiovascular medicine to cardiologists, physicians and healthcare professionals are helping deliver better outcomes for heart patients.

Medical education experts say that while major developments and new data are unveiled at landmark cardiology conferences, a crucial element of the education process is making such breakthroughs more widely available for cardiologists to expand their knowledge on an ongoing basis.

Latest advances

Jelena Spyropoulos believes that better-informed doctors deliver better care for heart patients and empower people to take ownership of their own healthcare and condition.

Spyropoulos is Executive Director for Sales and Strategy at Medscape Education, which disseminates the latest data and advances in cardiology practice from congresses such as the annual European Society of Cardiology conference. Medscape is also a platform that physicians, specialists, nurses and patients can refer to when seeking the latest information.

Our mission in cardiology is to be an indispensable resource for physicians as they learn about new developments.

Indispensable resource

Spyropoulos, who has more than 15 years of experience in the medical education sector with a specific focus on cardiovascular disease, says: “Our mission in cardiology is to be an indispensable resource for physicians as they learn about new developments, with the goal of helping them care for their patients.”

“If physicians are not educated or informed about the latest development in cardiology, they will not be able to incorporate those advances into their clinical care.”

She also emphasises the importance of setting those advances into a meaningful context. “Anybody can go online and read about the latest scientific data released at conferences,” she says. “But we aim to take those findings and putting them into clinical content.”

That involves providing clinicians with a safe environment to apply it in with feedback from leading experts; this is the best way to improve clinical skills.

Connecting physicians

Medscape attends several key cardiovascular conferences, including the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association Scientific Sessions and European Society of Cardiology.

It holds face-to-face events as well as conference sessions. These are often live streamed for physicians unable to attend because of travel restrictions or funding limitations.

“We also bring experts in cardiology together to discuss how we can implement the latest advances into our education and ultimately translate them to the bedside.” That allows cardiologists and healthcare professionals to meet, discuss cases or seek advice. A separate arm also provides education for patients.

The platform has 5 million physicians worldwide plus a vast membership of nurses and pharmacists who see it as a global community for staying updated.

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