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Jenny Wilkinson

Diabetes Specialist Nurse (BA Hons RGN, Dip Diabetes), MySugarWatch

A new CGM system can help train users to keep their blood glucose levels within healthy ranges without the use of a needle.

Needles are a part of the daily routines of a person living with diabetes, for checking blood glucose levels in Type 2 Diabetes, their continuous use can be challenging for many. Whilst continuous glucose monitors (CGM) do not replace use of needles, they have proved beneficial in monitoring blood glucose levels more regularly. Now, in the latest of new technology advancements, a new CGM is set to launch which involves no needles.

Skin patch to monitor glucose levels

MySugarWatch (MSW) is a needle-free daily disposable skin patch that links to your mobile phone and monitors your glucose levels every five minutes,” says Jenny Wilkinson, one of the diabetes specialist nurses working with MSW. “It’s the only CGM that is needle-free.”

The package, which includes the device, the app that allows you to view your blood sugar levels, plus access to video coaches who will give individual advice about diet and lifestyle, is set for launch late this autumn. It is aimed at people with type 2 diabetes (T2D), people with pre-diabetes and anyone who wants to see the effects of their lifestyle and diet on their blood glucose levels.

The aim is to educate members so that they can easily keep within their ideal blood glucose range.

Creating trending blood patterns

Jenny says: “It uses a patented skin patch sensor that measures your glucose levels via the interstitial fluid that surrounds the cells.

Currently, users will calibrate the system by making one fingerpick test a day, but this is far less than would be necessary using non-continuous monitoring.

Education around healthy ranges

The aim is to educate members so that they can easily keep within their ideal blood glucose range and can quickly spot the high spiky patterns of blood glucose levels that can be dangerous.

MSW believes that using the CGM monitor for three to four days a month can be enough to help people to reverse the effects of Type 2 Diabetes and pre-diabetes as well as help high-risk individuals reduce their chances of developing the condition.

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