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Tips for the newly diagnosed

active cycling sports diabetes diabetic
active cycling sports diabetes diabetic

Enrol on a diabetes education course
Diabetes courses are available for free on the NHS and equip you with a rounded understanding of your diabetes from diet to medication. Ask your doctor which diabetes courses are available to you.

Start a food diary
Diet has a strong influence on blood glucose numbers. Keep a food diary for a week or more and you can review where you’re going right and what can be improved.

Talk to others with diabetes
A forum, such as the Forum, is a great way to see how others have made great strides in getting their diabetes under control.

Pick an activity to get you moving
It can help with motivation if it’s something you enjoy, like dancing, has an achievable target or is a game.

Know the health targets to aim for
These include your HbA1c, cholesterol and blood pressure targets.

Be aware of all the health checks you should have each year
There are up to 15 health checks that people with diabetes should receive each year. Making sure you are regularly checked will ensure you are best protected from complications relating to diabetes.

Build up a good rapport with your doctor
It’ll work to your advantage if you can work with your doctor as a partner in your health.


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