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Against Breast Cancer funds groundbreaking research to improve detection, treatment and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis. The focus of our research is preventing secondary spread, the main cause of breast cancer related deaths.

ABC Discover is our 5 year flagship research programme under the umbrella of the newly established Integrative Molecular Phenotyping Centre at the University of Southampton.

Providing the basis for precision medicine in breast cancer

ABC Discover promises to have a major impact on the discovery of biomarkers which are required for the development of new tools to identify risk and early detection of Stage IV breast cancer.

Using cutting edge data analysis techniques ABC Discover will profile clinical samples to develop highly detailed maps, advancing our understanding of why some breast cancers become metastatic and using large-scale integration of data, we hope to pave the way toward enabling more personalised and effective healthcare treatment and diagnosis. Advancing the effectiveness of predicting risk, diagnosing and monitoring responses and understanding cancer behaviour in response to diet and lifestyle, ABC Discover aims to provide the basis for precision medicine in breast cancer.

The ABC Discover programme is bringing new insight and understanding to the molecular phenotypes of Breast Cancer and importantly, how diet and life-style factors can impact disease recurrence and disease progression. This large-scale molecular analysis of Breast Cancer samples will ultimately enable better tailoring of existing treatments and pave the way for the development of new therapeutics and diagnostics for improved patient outcome.

Professor Paul J Skipp

Professor Paul J Skipp

Centre Director, Centre for Proteomic Research, University of Southampton

Understanding the impact of diet and lifestyle

By applying the latest analytical technologies to clinical samples taken from breast cancer patients, ABC Discover seeks to improve rates of early detection and improve our understanding of the impact diet and lifestyle has on breast cancer recurrence and secondary spread.

By identifying risk biomarkers and diet and lifestyle factors which are associated with recurrence, ABC Discover hopes to revolutionize treatment intervention to improve patient outcome.

Making up for lost time

This year a great many women are not being diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest possible opportunity. Many will discover their breast cancer at a point when it is more difficult to treat or has spread to become incurable.

You can never really catch-up without a step-level change in resources. This is what makes regular giving so important.

£5 a month could fund research designed to identify risk and improve early detection of Stage 4 breast cancer

By making a regular gift to Against Breast Cancer you will help our research team to make up the time lost in 2020 and ensure more women with breast cancer go on to live longer, healthier lives.

Against Breast Cancer is a registered charity in England and Wales. Registered Charity No. 1121258

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