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How the right bra can help your breast cancer recovery

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Many women struggle post-surgery with not only clinical, but psychological issues stemming from breast cancer treatment. THEYA Healthcare has studied the positive effects that specific post-surgery bras can have.

Recovery from breast cancer surgery is not just physical, but a psychological and emotional recovery too. THEYA Healthcare post surgery underwear is designed to help patients feel better, faster. But does it work? We decided to put it to the test.

In conjunction with University College Dublin and four Dublin teaching hospitals, we conducted a clinical trial to evaluate women’s experiences wearing THEYA Healthcare bras compared to competing products in the four weeks following their surgery for breast cancer.

What did the trial involve?

Patients participating in the study were divided into two groups at random, one group were given THEYA Healthcare post surgery bras and the other group were given competing products.

In the initial days after their surgery, the women were asked to report how they felt about their body image, health status and pain levels. They were then asked to complete the same questionnaire four weeks later.

What were the results?

Body image improved by 8.5%

The women wearing the THEYA Healthcare bras reported an 8.5% improvement in body image in the four weeks following their surgery. Those women wearing competing products, reported a 9.5% deterioration in body image over the same time frame.

Once you’ve the right bra on it’s great, it makes such a difference, you feel great!

THEYA Healthcare Group Patient

Health status improved by 20%

The THEYA Healthcare group also reported a 20% improvement in their health status over the period of the study, whereas the group wearing competitor bras during their recovery only reported an 8% improvement.

It’s like a form of bandage for me over my dressing. It keeps it snug, it’s definitely good and feels good when it is on.

THEYA Healthcare Group Patient

Pain levels reduced

Those patients who wore THEYA Healthcare bras reported a reduction in levels of irritation, wound discomfort and pain, whereas those wearing the competing products complained of discomfort and increased pain levels in the region of their scar.

I don’t feel the need to take it off, whereas I needed to get those other bras off me. It was like having a rope tied around you, you know?

THEYA Healthcare Group Patient

This study was conducted by Breast Care Nurse, Claire Kelly, as part of her Masters Degree in conjunction with University College Dublin. A more detailed report of the entire study methodology and results can be downloaded here

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