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Alexandra Boussomier-Calleja

CEO & Founder, ImVitro

Embryologists are expected to meet increasingly challenging demands in the lab. AI is now ripe for helping IVF centres become more efficient.

EMBRYOLY, a CE-Marked Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered SaaS platform developed by ImVitro, can help in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) centres ease challenging demands and welcome more patients. EMBRYOLY is helping IVF centres optimise and standardise their laboratory practices in a range of clinical scenarios as demonstrated in multiple peer-reviewed studies. It connects to the main timelapse systems (MIRI®, GERI®, EMBRYOSCOPE/+®) to help IVF centres in the following ways:

Save embryo evaluation time

ImVitro’s computer vision-based algorithms support daily embryo assessments by automatically identifying key morphological traits and developmental events, helping embryologists save analysis time and feel more confident about their evaluation.

Shorten patients’ time to pregnancy

The morphokinetic algorithm also objectively ranks embryos in terms of pregnancy potential with the aim of minimising the number of failed transfers to increase first-cycle pregnancy success rates of the IVF centre.

Strengthen transfer and freezing decisions

ImVitro’s software personalises its algorithms with the clinical characteristics of the patient and their treatment to give more precise recommendations about the chances embryos have to lead to a pregnancy, helping embryologists decide which to transfer or freeze.

Track KPIs to monitor your centre’s performances

IVF centres constantly look out for unexpected changes in their lab and fine-tune their practices to maximise chances of success. To monitor performances, they compute embryonic and clinical key performance indicators (KPIs) manually, which can be error-prone and time-consuming. The software automates this by generating objective conventional and AI-driven KPIs in real time to react more swiftly — from identifying training needs to adapting protocols.

Optimise communication and administrative tasks

It can be difficult for embryologists to regularly update patients. Using this software, they can focus on having meaningful conversations while giving patients secure access to detailed information about their treatment on a dedicated portal at any time. Embryologists can also grant colleagues access, including gynaecologists, giving them more visibility. This portal helps streamline administrative patient paperwork, also benefiting centres that lack timelapse systems.

Contact us to discuss how EMBRYOLY is already helping IVF centres maintain high standards of embryology while saving precious time for a more convenient and efficient workflow.

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