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Dr Golnoush Golshirazi

CEO & Founder, ScreenMe

Vaginal health could be affecting your overall health, fertility and risk of certain diseases. A comprehensive screening test can help.

The vaginal microbiome is the gateway to your reproductive health and wellbeing and is comprised of a unique bacterial community. Some bacteria species are protective; some are neutral; and some are disease-causing. This means that certain people are more susceptible to fertility complications, diseases and infections while others are more protected.  

How microbiome affects vaginal health 

Essentially, the vaginal microbiome is like the doorway to your house. A less protective, imbalanced microbiome leaves you open to intruders causing infections or inflammation in reproductive organs. Meanwhile, a well-protected environment keeps them out.  

About 84% of people with vaginal microbiome
imbalance experience no symptoms.

Risks of vaginal microbiome imbalance  

  1. Miscarriage: Research shows people with imbalanced vaginal microbiomes are more likely to experience recurrent miscarriage and pre-term birth. The presence of ‘good’ bacteria protects against common miscarriage causes including genital infections and inflammation.  
  1. IVF success: Women with unfavourable vaginal microbiome profiles were seven times less likely to become pregnant through IVF. The vaginal microbiome’s role in IVF is thought to be linked to a higher chance of successful embryo transfer.  
  1. Unexplained infertility: Up to 30% of women who have infertility concerns are associated with having pathogenic bacteria and an imbalance in their vaginal microbiome.  
  1. Infection and disease risks: Recurrent UTIs, bacterial vaginosis (BV), thrush, STDs and infections indicate low levels of ‘good’ bacteria to fight infections in the vaginal microbiome. The absence of ‘good’ bacteria promotes inflammation and infection.  
  1. Uncomfortable vaginal symptoms: This includes dryness, itchiness, pain during sex, inflammation and abnormal discharge.  

Checking your vaginal health  

About 84% of people with vaginal microbiome imbalance experience no symptoms. Testing provides comprehensive insights into whether vaginal health is impacting your fertility, increasing the risk of disease, infection and more. The ScreenMe gold standard kit is a comprehensive vaginal microbiome test, which includes: 

  • 100% of bacterial species present screened 
  • 100% of yeast species present screened 
  • 99.9% accuracy 
  • A free 1:1 intimate health expert and online consultation 
  • A bespoke action plan with nutritional and lifestyle advice.  

By understanding your vaginal health, you can help promote overall health.  

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