Health Awareness

Dementia case study: Jenny and Mick's story

TV chef puts vitiligo in the spotlight

One woman’s vitiligo story offers hope to others

GP trainees have a “lack of training in dermatology”

Photoseries "Vitiligo: A Memoir"

Why we all need to be mindful of the skin we're in

How to deal with skin rashes

Common drugs may help step up the fight against cancer

Pulling together to beat cancer

18-24 year olds more aware of cancer risks than over-55s

Brain tumours: the biggest cancer killer of children and young adults

Simple lifestyle changes to help keep cancer at bay

Teenage Cancer Trust case studies and key information

Good patient awareness improves urological care

Cinderella Cancer : Bladder cancer in the Spotlight

Urology expert panel: Investigating incontinence and prostate problems

Seek help sooner for symptoms of urological disorders

Prostate Disease Q and A with Dr Jon Rees

Be alert to the symptoms of urological disorders

Is rugby a safe sport? New studies are helping researchers find out

Possible combination treatment approaches to tackle MS

Brain tumour facts and support information

Promising new approaches to Parkinson’s research

The voice of brain research in the UK

New push to reduce late diagnosis of myeloma

CAR-T cell theraphy is targeting leukemias and lymphomas where others have failed

Blood on the bus

Advancements in thrombosis research

CAR-T cell trial shows extremely promising results

Blood cancer charity DKMS answers questions on donating blood stem cells

Warwick Davis: Vive la différence

NHS Trust offers cheaper, safer, more accurate pre-natal testing

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

Understanding genes, the essence of life

Genetic testing aids newborn screening

‘Ocean Brothers’ row the Atlantic for skin cancer awareness

There's more to it than just cutting out a suspicious mole

Melanoma and mental health

Are we getting the message about skin cancer?

Q&A with Tim Lovejoy, Melanoma UK Ambassador

The changing face of skin cancer

PSORTing out personalised treatment for psoriasis

Understanding Psoriasis: a common skin disorder

How America's next top model beat the odds

The three-step approach to problem skin

How to look after your skin during cancer treatment

5 natural remedies to treat dry skin

Gráinne teaches an apprenticeship in skincare

Keeping it natural: the benefits of organic skincare

Top 5 skin health tips

Coping with childhood eczema: 5 top tips

New treatments offer 'breakthrough' for severe eczema

Treating eczema: the power of knowledge

If we can see it, we can treat it

Experts call for better education of breast cancer amongst younger audiences

Pancreatic cancer patient story: Carl Denning

Better access to diagnostic tools and care is needed for pancreatic cancer

Why pancreatic cancer awareness is a priority

We can beat pancreatic cancer

The UK delivers world’s first national pancreas tissue bank

Ensuring progress continues for multiple myeloma

How can we drive developments in myeloma research?

Kenney Jones prostate cancer case study

Spot the warning signs of prostate cancer

Surviving prostate cancer: one father’s road to recovery

Prostate cancer treatment is free; the side effects can be too high a price to pay

Petrolheads, prostate cancer and a Peugeot 205

The experts view on erectile dysfunction (ED)

We need to talk about incontinence

Why it pays to admit to having incontinence

Urological Surgery Q and A with Mark Speakman

Understanding CDKL5 deficiency, one of the rarest diseases in the world

Learning about Congenital Melanocytic Naevus (CMN) Syndrome

Our genetic disorders and us: read our true stories

Improved access to information can help patients and families living with Neurofibromatosis type 1

Why early diagnosis is key for those with Li Fraumeni Syndrome

Guidance is critical to allow healthcare professionals manage endocrine emergencies

Dreams coming to reality in the realm of Genetic Medicines

Has the genomics revolution lived up to expectations?

Promising progress in gene therapy clinical trials

Newborn screening is vital for children with SCID

Global implementation of genomic medicine

Mind the funding gap in genetic research

The normality of difference: Warwick Davis on genetic disorders

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Jeans for Genes Day

Jeans for Genes Day celebrity interviews

Action on respiratory disease is needed now

Have an inhaler? Make sure you use it correctly

Air pollution and what we can do about it

Throwing the spotlight on lung disease

The fight for early diagnosis of lung disease

Turning the tide on the burden of lung disease

COPD: the disease that too often goes undetected

COPD: Listening to the 'silent' zone

Tackling the burden of COPD

Why we are supporting World COPD Day

Improving quality of life for patients fighting COPD

Lifestyle changes can improve hope for those with COPD

Sleep struggles and pulmonary hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension: Sue's remarkable journey

Leading the way in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Raising the profile of PAH: a long-term life limiting disease

Turning tragedy into inspiration

A tough but breakable challenge

Screening to reduce lung cancer deaths

Healthy musculoskeletal system key to maintaining bone strength in later life

Orthopaedics can boost innovation by thinking smarter

What we can learn from dancers about bone and joint health

Why physiotherapy is vital to recovery

Maximising impact in orthopaedic research

Preventing metabolic bone disease and related fractures

Miriam Margolyes: "I wish I'd had my knee replacement sooner"

Number of joint replacements set to soar by 2030

New hip brings new lease of life

The recovery pathway that speeds up hip and knee replacements

Hip op happy: expert insight on hip operations

3D printing: the future of medical implants

Craig Revel Horwood speaks out on osteoporosis

Tracking down osteoporosis, 'the silent disease'

The importance of a positive outlook for osteoporosis patients

Speed bump diagnosis: osteoporosis case study

Lifestyle changes and interventions can help osteoporosis patients

The new medical knowledge that can boost your digestive health

Diets and gut illness: the good, the bad and the ugly

Nine things you should know about Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Microbiome fingerprints are revealing every secret detail of our lives

Microbiota important for healthy living

What is Barrett’s oesophagus?

“Listen to your body, guys”

Bowel cancer detection: No time for British reserve

James Haskell: the importance of good nutrition for a healthy lifestyle

Life after Lynda: Bowel Cancer UK patient story

Act now to cut the risk of bowel cancer

Recipes for a sensitive gut: Beef and coconut curry

Recipes for a sensitive gut: Quinoa with salmon and pesto dressing

Recipes for a sensitive gut: Blueberry, banana and cardamom pancakes

Suspect you may have coeliac disease? Here's how to check

The under-diagnosed gut disease that could be undermining your health

Hope for sufferers of coeliac disease

Coeliac disease gives an opportunity to explore new foods

Balancing budget and patients’ needs

UK Health Charity crowdfunded a specialist nurse

Diane's scleroderma means her body is attacking its own healthy tissue

Home is where healthcare should be

Searching for answers and new treatments for BPAN

Praise for the first Rare Disease centre in the UK

Better screening could save 350 lives a year

New drugs hailed as a new dawn for people with hepatitis C

10 things you didn’t know about childhood liver disease

Eric Abidal: Despite the disease, there is always hope

What is Cholangiocarcinoma?

Living in the shadow of hepatic encephalopathy

The link between asthma and allergies

Kirsty Henshaw outlines how to provide a safe and varied diet for children with allergies

The hidden dangers in our food

Changes made to EU Food Information Regulations

What is it like to grow up with an allergy?

Who is at risk of anaphylaxis?

Paula Radcliffe: the champion athlete with asthma

Asthma: symptoms, treatments and why awareness could save your life

What are your asthma triggers?

Laura Trott: Inspiring others living with asthma

How to manage your asthma this winter: British Lung Foundation's top tips

Receive the best asthma treatment possible

The benefits of kids’ clubs and activities and how to know which to choose

Meningitis and septicaemia: one of the biggest fears parents have

Having a baby and getting it right?

Q&A Sir Tony Hawkhead, Chief Executive of Action for Children

The state of children’s oral health

CDH Awareness Day

New tools to break down nicotine addiction

Beating the stigma is key to breaking the cycle of addiction

Examining addiction in the UK

The need to take action on addiction

There is a way out of addiction – and I’m the proof

Abstinence vs harm reduction

What is haemophilia?

Swimming club boosts self esteem and self management of haemophilia

Aiding people with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Alex and Sam's Story

VNS developments bring chance of better treatment

Addressing challenges in childhood epilepsy

More awareness of research advances in epilepsy is needed

Photosensitive epilepsy patient story

Working to ensure the best possible epilepsy care in the UK

Martin Kemp: "How I live with epilepsy"

Ketogenic diet: eating your way to better control of seizures

Ketogenic diets and the expanding use into other neurological areas

Tom’s story: the cruel reality of Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Increasing awareness is 'vital' in the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Going digital: the real value of health and social care tech

Liberating patients through remote monitoring

Innovation in today’s healthcare space is vital

The importance of technology in the NHS

A healthier, more connected, relationship with the NHS

The power of the smartphone in healthcare

Overnight lenses gradually changed the shape of Claire's corneas

Global effort aims to relieve dry eyes

Modern living's impact on your health

What do your eyes say about your health?

Technology is changing lives in sight loss

A GP for the eyes

Surgical advances improve outcomes in glaucoma

UK’s eye health out of focus

Stopping glaucoma before it starts

Glaucoma, “the silent thief of sight”

Glaucoma and driving: the facts

Smart contact lenses treating glaucoma

Setting new standards in refractive surgery

Is Laser Cataract Surgery the Future?

Little known ways to find the best laser eye surgeon

The “1 millionth of a billionth of a second” surgery

4 Top tips when considering laser eye surgery

Getting good eye care onto the curriculum

Take time to test your eyes

Why people should see eye tests as a priority

Regular testing vital for children's eye health

When a simple eye test becomes a teenage life-saver

Eye tests prevent blindness

How dances and world record attempts help improve hand hygiene worldwide

Tackling healthcare infections cannot wait

CCG Executive Nurses play a vital role in improving patient safety

Total patient safety is just an illusion in the NHS

Now wash your hands: how hand hygiene can fight infection

The fatal results of poor hand hygiene

What’s new in IBS treatment?

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Emerging new therapies give patients greater choice

Rethinking access to RA care and treatment

Don’t miss out on the benefits of early diagnosis

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment transforming people's lives

Recognise the causes and symptoms of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular health: building on a legacy of pioneering research

Cardiovascular disease treatments 'save lives'

The Cardiac Revolution

F1 Technology helps diagnose heart conditions

Remote patient monitoring to improve patient care

Early detection can delay kidney problems

World Kidney Day shines the spotlight on kidneys

Why kidneys are the hardest working organs in our bodies

Lack of conversation leads to lost donations

Kidney transplants save lives, and money

Tackling infection can save kidney patients

Cutting the infection risk for dialysis patients

Why you should join an Alzheimer's clinical trial

Bringing magic moments to people living with dementia

Alzheimer's and dementia are not inevitable

Standing together against dementia

The urgent need for Alzheimer’s biomarkers

How technology can improve home-based care

New technology trial gives hope to heart patients

Keeping the rhythm: managing atrial fibrillation

My pacemaker gave me my life back

What you need to know about heart failure

Outpacing heart failure

Heart failure Q&A with Nick Hartshorne-Evans

Julie turns “Heart Failure” into caring success

Statins: their role in tackling heart disease

How Sue’s TAVI procedure got her back on her feet

The more we listen the more lives we save: heart valve disease is a growing epidemic

The growing burden of leg ulcers in the UK

Rethinking treatment for pressure ulcers

Experts go out on a limb for better wound care

Spreading the knowledge on pressure ulcers

Under pressure: why it’s time to heal these wounds

Change, opportunities and challenges: wound management in changing healthcare systems

Making the biggest dream come true

Jessica Hepburn: my experience of the fertility rollercoaster

Smashing the fertility myths

How obesity and other lifestyle factors can affect fertility rates

Fit for life: top tips for a successful pregnancy

Expert answers common conception questions

“I thought strokes were for older people”

Knowing our heart rhythm can protect us against stroke

The benefits of mechanical thrombectomy

UK Stroke Forum unites stroke community

Stroke patient story: ‘I had no idea I was at risk’

Early supported discharge for stroke patients

Leigh Walmsley osteoarthritis patient story

Weight loss, exercise and education can ease osteoarthritis pain

Shattering the myths about osteoarthritis

Fighting fat-shaming in society today

The true cost of obesity is not the risk of death

Obesity shows an appetite for surgical weight loss

Bariatric surgery gave my obesity the needle

Weighing in to stop the UK’s obesity epidemic

Understanding advancements in reconstructive solutions

Tackling infections with nanocrystalline silver

Silver put to the test in Afghan war

The modern alchemy of breast reconstruction

Plastic surgery in developing countries - teaching the locals to teach themselves

The link between hearing loss and depression

Ben Fogle has been appointed as Patron of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

We need to acknowledge the full impact of hay fever

"My life started the day I got a hearing dog"

ENT research and technology: from newborns to the elderly

Hearing loss: the costs, the effect on society and how to prevent it

5 ways NHS Supply Chain is supporting innovation in radiotherapy

Radiotherapy reorganisation in the UK

National awareness of radiotherapy needed for patients

Treating cancer with advanced proton therapy

Stereotactic radiosurgery: a vital weapon to combat brain cancer

Working for the future: Therapeutic Radiographers

What five experts think you should know about biosimilars

Complex cancer care at a cost the NHS can afford

Three things Biosimilars could mean for you as a patient

Increasing the uptake of biosimilars across the NHS: 7 key insights

Bone disease patients are some of the first to switch from biologic drugs to biosimilars

Competition from biosimilars is having a positive effect on cost of treatments

Medical imaging: balancing benefits against risks

UK-qualified radiologists go global

Artificial intelligence could transform radiology

Radiologist calls for more radiographer reporting

Three ways the NHS can save on imaging equipment

Taking precautions in imaging: protect and store safely

How a respiratory problem can cause road deaths

Think you have Sleep Apnoea? Get tested now

Independent providers raise standards in neurorehabilitation

“Invisibility is the enemy of rehabilitation”

The delicate balance of measuring outcomes to meet needs

From rehab to Rio

Reintegrating patients effectively into the community

Inflammation of the spinal cord: the need for collaborative rehabilitation

Sperm health – who cares?