Functional Proprioceptive Stimulations work by stimulating the sensory system, keeping alive or restoring the communication between muscles and the nervous system.

FPS are pushing the patient to re-initiate active movements corresponding to the sensations experienced.

“Finding new neural pathways is a key factor for the recovery of patients with neurological impairments, for example after stroke, traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries,” explains Frédéric Albert, Co-Director and Head of Clinical Applications and Research at Techno Concept, which has developed a unique rehabilitation device based on FPS called Vibramoov. “In addition to the trauma, the detrimental side effects of immobility threatened the final condition of the patient”.


Stimulations encourage the right muscles


"Even in the very early and acute phase, FPS can stimulate the patient’s brain and muscles, keeping the sensory and motor systems connected."

“When the patient can’t do the movement properly, these unique stimulations push him to coordinate the right muscles at the right time to realise functional movement like walk, go up stairs, or pick up a pencil and draw. This prevents the brain forgetting how to organise motion, or helps it find new pathways when necessary.”


Immediate feedback


FPS push a patient to do more when they achieve a movement and patients benefit from seeing their movement’s feedback on the screen. “It’s most effective when used during the acute phase immediately after injury and there are no counter-indications to use FPS even during intensive care.” explains Frédéric Albert.

"FPS prevents the brain forgetting how to organise motion, or helps it find new pathways when necessary.”

“We spent 20 years studying neurobiological origins of the perception of the body, learning how to create FPS that copy exactly the natural sensory-motor activity, and building this unique neurorehabilitation device that is Vibramoov,” says Frédéric Albert. “Our technique is safe, revolutionary. Patients and clinicians learn to use it very fast. “It has the potential to treat hundreds of millions of people.”



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