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ENT 2021

Improving care to tackle tinnitus timebomb

Tinnitus can have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life. New research is vital to helping find new solutions to treat the condition. Tinnitus – the sensation of hearing sounds with no external source – can be very distressing to live with. An estimated one in eight adults experience persistent tinnitus. There is … Continued
Ears Nose and Throat 2019

Balloon technology offers speedy symptom relief for sinusitis sufferers

Increased use of minimally-invasive balloon procedure could offer a fast and effective alternative to conventional sinus surgery, potentially saving the NHS millions of pounds. People suffering for years with persistent sinus problems could have symptom relief with a quick recovery, if only a proven balloon technology was more widely adopted within the NHS.1 New technology, … Continued
Ears Nose and Throat 2019

Hay fever – not so benign

Hay fever is already upon us – birch pollen caused problems in April, followed by plane trees in May, and grass pollens are at high levels from now to the end of July. Hay fever is the most common name for allergic rhinitis (AR), the most common immunological disease in humans. It now affects approximately … Continued